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Welcome to Gelnex

We specialize in the production of gelatin and collagen. Our global operations allow us to bring these multifunctional ingredients to more than 60 countries.

Founded in 1998 in Itá by leaders in the industry, Gelnex made history as the first Type A gelatin factory in all of South America. Since then, we have grown to be one of the largest and most renowned gelatin and collagen manufacturers in the world.

While our company has grown, we have never lost sight of community, ethics, and sustainability. Producing gelatin and collagen is a tradition of our founders, as are taking care of the environment, supporting the social development of the community, and providing opportunities for over 1,000 employees. In the spirit of this tradition, we believe and invest in the potential of people, in our company and outside of it.

With the growing emphasis on healthy lifestyles, Gelnex is proud to offer natural, healthy, and safe products.

More than just producing ingredients, we want to add quality and health to people's lives.

Since March 2023, Gelnex has joined Darling Ingredients and has become a part of the group’s gelatin and collagen business.

6 Production Sites
6 Production Sites

5 in South America,
1 in North America

More than 1,000 Employees
More than 1,000 Employees
Pioneers of
Pioneers of

type A gelatin
production in South America


Gelatin and Peptinex
Collagen Peptides

International Operations

With a production capacity of 46,000 tons per year and exportation to more than 60 countries, Gelnex is among the top global manufacturers in the gelatin and collagen industry. We have risen to this position through our commitment to transparency, partnerships with suppliers and customers, and responsible use of resources.

When choosing Gelnex as a partner, you are choosing a company that has contributed to the success of globally recognized partners.

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Social Responsibility

Gelnex contributes to community programs aimed at education and culture, improving quality of life, sports, and professional development.

We strive to create a dialogue with the local community and provide social and economic opportunities. Take a look at some of our projects:

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Our Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability drives all of our actions here at Gelnex, from our factory processes to our impact on the community and environment. We source raw material from animals originally slaughtered for human consumption, and reduce waste by using the hides to produce our gelatin and collagen.

Through our operations, Gelnex works to act in harmony with sustainable objectives and environmental protection.