Gelnex produces porcine and bovine gelatin with the highest quality standards, in turn, giving excellent results in the final product.

Our gelatin is suitable and approved for food and pharmaceutical applications.



Gelatin offers numerous properties that facilitate its use in various products


It acts as a gelling agent, emulsifier, thickener, binder, foam former (aerator) and film former.

Form heat-reversible gels

They are thermally reversible, able to melt by heating and gel again when cooled.

Easy gel formation

Within a normal pH for food, it does not require any pre-conditioning to form gel. Other hydrocolloids require addition of some types of salts or sugars for dissolution and gel formation.

Custom made

Available in different gelling strengths (Bloom) and different particle sizes (mesh size profile). Allowing it to easily adapt to any process or formulation.

Gelatin IN FOOD

Perfect for use in an array of food products



Gelatin is indispensable in the manufacturing of marshmallows.

No other ingredient is able to attribute to the unique characteristics and texture of a marshmallow like gelatin can.

  • Foam formation and stability;
  • Prevents the recrystallization of sugars;
  • Attributes soft and aerated texture;
  • Decreases the tension between foam and air.

    Gelatin GUMMIES

    Ingredient responsible for the soft and elastic texture of gelatin candy. It allows the manufacturing of candy in the most diverse formats, flavors, and textures.

    • Provides structure and stability;
    • Brightness and transparency as unique features;
    • Incomparable texture;
    • Melt-in-your-mouth sensation;
    • Impeccable flavor release.

    Chewy candy and other confectionery

    Important contributor in the texture and stability of the product because of its emulsion properties and stabilization of water and oil.

    • Helps prevent crystallization of sugars;
    • Assists in creating a softer and more pleasant texture;
    • Improves the formation of foam.

    Gelatin desserts

    Gelatin allows desserts having additional vitamins, sweeteners, among other ingredients, to be created with diverse consistencies.

    • Enhances texture and transparency of the product;
    • Retains more than 50 times its weight in water;
    • Formed gel is Thermally reversible;
    • Melt-in-your-mouth sensation;
    • Impeccable flavor release.

    Yogurt and other dairy products

    Excellent oil / water emulsifying agent
    Protective hydrocolloid and suspension stabilizing agent.

    • Creates creamier texture and greater stability, preventing syneresis.

      Mousses, creams, cream cheese and ice cream

      Helps prevent crystal or lump formation and gives a more creamy texture.

      Dairy and aerated desserts, flans and other products

      Gelling properties

      Meats and sausages

      • Maintains product stable and intact;
      • Allows fat reduction;
      • It contributes additional protein value to the product because it is also a natural source of protein;
      • Meat products, cold meats, emulsions and canned goods.

      Beverage Clarification

      Gelatin reacts with polyphenols and proteins to form a sediment precipitator, it removes suspended particles that cause undesirable visual and sensory features. 

      • Wines and juices.

      Pharmaceutical Gelatin

      Due to its unique and versatile characteristics, gelatin is an extremely important ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry

      Film formation

      Its rheological characteristics allow flexible films to be formed from a liquid solution.

      Melting point similar to human body temperature

      When ingested, gels and films containing gelatin will dissolve, releasing the active ingredient to the body more efficiently.

      Adhesiveness and cohesiveness

      Gelatin is able to bind molecules properly, making it a great excipient in tablets.


      Hard capsules

      Hard capsules have greater consumer acceptance because they mask the taste of the drug and serve as an effective barrier, protecting the drug from external agents that could compromise its stability.

      Gelatin is the ideal ingredient because it has the ability to form film, has good solubility in water and has rapid dispersion when consumed.

      Soft capsules

      Gelatin is the main component of these capsules and provides the formation of a flexible film that allows the hermetic encapsulation of liquid or semisolid components, forming an excellent barrier for the drug, while also increasing its stability.


      Gelatin is added to formulations to enhance cohesiveness between the powders, ensuring that the tablet remains intact after compaction.

      With high binding power, Gelatin allows for excellent dissolution of tablets when consumed while also facilitating absorption.