Gelnex has developed several procedures focused on environmental preservation and a conscientious use of natural resources. Environmental responsibility is evident in all stages of production processes and in the relationships with partner companies, customers and the community.

With this in mind, to expand business sustainably, Gelnex implements management policies and technologies, that focus on environmental preservation and the ethical contributions to social and economic development throughout the complete production chain.

At a consistent and effective pace, Gelnex seeks environmental preservation through actions that involve:

GHG Protocol

As part of the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program, Gelnex uses this tool to quantify and manage the GHG emission (Greenhouse Gases) throughout its manufacturing process. As a silver category member, Gelnex manages and publishes its GHG emissions records annually.

Gelnex is very proud to receive certificates issued for Renewable Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction, and were obtained upon Gelnex’s admission to the Free Energy Market.


All packaging including plastics, glass, paper, and other materials that result from industrial and administrative use  are duly collected at the company’s premises and sent for recycling.


Gelnex promotes and encourages the planting of trees through partnerships with farmers. Their plantings are used as biomass for steam generation that ensures supply to our facilities.


At the Gelnex locations, the task of water management and conservation awareness is carried out through water rationing. By using new equipment and improving production methods, Gelnex is able to reduce consumption.


 “We are constantly developing several programs to generate and use renewable energy sources, as well as wisely managing the energy consumption.

  • – Use of Led lamps in all manufacturing units;
  • – Solar panels;
  • – Installation of frequency inverters;
  • – Increased efficiency of equipment in the industrial area (higher productivity). “


Gelnex works continuously to educate environmental awareness to its employees and in the communities that they are a part of, through various contributions meant to preserve the environment.


Reuse of biogas generated at Gelnex treatment plants, to be used as fuel in the boilers;

Utilization of biomass (wood chips) and discarded wood as the main source of steam generation in the boilers.