Adds nutritional value to the product.

Attributes functional characteristics, such as improvement in rheological properties.

It can be used in the food, nutricosmetics and supplemental industries.

They can be produced into various forms, such as powdered products, beverages, concentrated liquids.

Functional drinks

Application in liquid and powder drinks, in varied concentrations: shakes, energy drinks, teas, shots, juices, flavored waters, among others.
Acts as an ingredient for protein enrichment, offering excellent solubility while preserving the sensorial characteristics of the product.

Tablets, pills and capsules

Easily applied to tablets, pills and capsules

  • Presented in powder form;
  • Great adhesion and cohesion characteristics;
  • Excellent flow properties and homogenization.

Dairy Products

Fermented beverages, yogurts, flavored milk and dairy desserts.

  • Helps in stability;
  • Adds higher nutritional value to product;
  • Assigns more functionality to the product.


Pills or tablets, shakes and sachets, powders and ready-to-drink beverages

  • Beauty through nutrition;
  • Easily applied to many different products;
  • Promotes wellness from the inside out.


Anti-aging creams and topical products

  • Helps increase hydration of the skin and hair;
  • Easy dispersion and dissolution;
  • It is stable over a wide range of pH values and temperatures.

Cereal and protein bars

  • Adds higher nutritional value;
  • Excellent binding agent;
  • Retains moisture in the product;
  • Aids in the texture and emulsion of the product.


Gums, chewable candies, chocolates, among others

  • Allows the manufacture of confectionery with higher added nutritional value;
  • It can also be applied in products with reduced sugar and fat.

Healthy snacks

Healthy snacks, sweet and savory cookies, cakes and soups

  • Easy to apply;
  • Adds crispy texture;
  • Contributes to protein supply.