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With a unique vision of conducting business, Gelnex has become one of the largest global manufacturers of gelatin. Throughout its history, the company has positioned itself as a leader in its segment through product quality, consistency and performance.

Gelnex maintains the integrity of good business practices through an unwavering commitment to environmental preservation, social responsibility and supply chain transparency from suppliers to customers.

With a presence in more than 50 countries, Gelnex has accumulated a skilled workforce of 500 employees, ready to serve the needs of a vastly growing customer base.

Gelnex was created by Michael Leiner and Hector Cobelo, whose entrepreneurial vision has distinguished themselves as global innovators and leaders in the gelatin industry.

Rodovia SC 283 KM 25 - Itá - SC - Brazil
CEP: 89760-000
Fone: + 55 (49) 3458-3500
Fax: + 55 (49) 3458-3501
Rodovia GO 060 KM 63 - Nazário – GO - Brazil
CEP: 76180-000
Fone: + 55 (64) 3680-7000
Fax: + 55 (64) 3680-7001
Rod. TO 222, KM 10, Barra da Grota - Araguaína - TO - Brazil
CEP: 77804-970
Fone: + 55 (63) 3413–0700
Fax: + 55 (63) 3413–0700


Quality achieved in our processes and procedures.

Gelnex specializes in the production of pork and beef gelatin, offering customizable product parameters such as bloom, viscosity and particle sizes at our customers request. The raw materials used for the extraction of gelatin are closely monitored, regulated and certified by governmental authorities and follow international mandates. Internally, Gelnex implements strict protocol in all facets of production, ensuring quality is met and satisfaction is achieved. As a certified manufacturer of Halal and Kosher gelatin, it is imperative that all materials used in production are fully traceable in all supply chain activities. For more information, please contact a representative in one of our sales headquarters and we will be happy to answer all inquiries.


Other Certifications: EDQM, Halal e Kosher.

Download Certificates.


Versatile application and functionality.

Gelatin is a multifunctional ingredient used in various segments such as food, pharmaceutical, technical and many more. Gelatin has variable quality parameters that allow for the ingredient to take on many functional properties. Some of the most common properties are as follows; stabilizing agent, gelling agent, emulsifier, binder, clarifier, aeration, film-former and has a high hygroscopic capacity.


Commitment to sustainable development.

Gelnex is focused on growing as a company while preserving the integrity of the surrounding environments. With a mission to continuously implement sustainable initiatives, Gelnex looks to implement environmental management policies in factories, work areas and with communities. The company has developed a pillar system outlining progressive environmental initiatives:

As a member of the GHG Protocol Program in Brazil, Gelnex can utilize tools for quantitatively measuring the companies gas emissions and areas for improvement. Gelnex is a Silver Member of the program for actions resulting in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and publishes annual results.

· Installation of solar and photovoltaic panels;
· Use of high efficiency technologies;
· Reduction of steam consumption.

The recycling process contributes to a significant reduction of pollution in soil, water and air. Gelnex efficiently disposes of waste in accordance with proper material treatments (plastic, glass, paper and metals).

Gelnex is continuously active in creating programs with environmentally conscious vision that involves workers and surrounding communities.

In Gelnex factories, there are many efforts taken to reduce water consumption in daily routines.

Gelnex takes part in reforesting efforts to reduce the impact of natural resource consumption in the region. All the while, aggressively pursuing new technologies in hopes of taking one step closer towards principles of self sufficiency.

· Usage of biogas from an effluent treatment process to reduce the fossil fuel consumption in the broiler.
· Efficient methods for energy preservation;
· Utilization of discarded biomass as a source for generating steam.


Social Responsibility.

Social responsibility, much like environmental responsibility, is a core value and priority at Gelnex. It is an ethical imperative that Gelnex integrates surrounding communities through initiatives that promote education, general health and socioeconomic equality.
Gelnex has an affiliation with the Fundaçao Abrinq, the Brazilian partner of the Save The Children Foundation, aimed at combatting child labor and defending children’s rights.

Donation of an ambulance to the municipality of Nazario-GO in order to facilitate for the population emergency care.

Digital Inclusion project already in the third year of implementation, aims to raise awareness of the appropriate use of information technology tools. The project is active in the communities of Nazario-GO and Concordia-SC.

In partnership with SESI, it was held in the city of Nazario-GO, the Athlete of the Future Program that aims to promote the education and inclusion of children and adolescents through sports.

Its main objective is to encourage young people to join groups that do good for the community, held Gelnex delivery of uniforms for the Group Scout Itaguaçu Ita-SC.

Thinking about the social inclusion of people with disabilities, the Gelnex handed APAE of Concordia and Seara (SC), looms and woodworking machines for students to develop craft that can generate income.

Installation of a library in São Miguel school in Araguaina-TO, with the goal of providing access to reading, thereby more knowledge to students.

The Gelnex annually for children of employees a party to celebrate Children's Day.

2 years Gelnex keeps an environmental program to analyze water quality and educate students from public school to care for the environment.

  • Community support
  • Cultural education
  • Solidary employee program
  • Quality of life


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